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NVIDIA Reveals DGX GH200 System Architecture

We industry analysts sometimes get out over our skis when trying to project details of new products. Following NVIDIA's DGX GH200 announcement at Computex, we noticed industry press making the same mistake. Rather than correct our previous NVLink Network post, we'll explain here what we've since learned. Our revelation came when NVIDIA published a white paper titled NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip Architecture . The figure below from that paper shows the interconnects at the HGX-module level. The GPU (Hopper) side uses NVLink as a coherent interconnect, whereas the CPU (Grace) side uses InfiniBand, in this case connected through a Bluefield-3 DPU. From a networking perspective, the NVLink and InfiniBand domains are independent, that is, there is no bridging between the two protocols. HGX Grace Hopper Superchip System With NVLink Switch (Source: NVIDIA) The new DGX GH200 builds a SuperPOD based on this underlying module-level architecture. You've probably seen the headlin