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NVIDIA Reveals Roadmap at Computex

The annual Computex trade show in Taipei has traditionally been PC-centric, with ODMs showing their latest motherboards and systems. The 2024 event, however, included keynotes from Nvidia and others that revealed details of forthcoming datacenter GPUs, demonstrating the importance of the ODM ecosystem to the explosion of AI. The fact that Jensen Huang was born on the island made his keynote all the more impactful for the local audience. In the week following the CEO's keynote, Nvidia's market capitalization surpassed $3 trillion. From a networking perspective, the keynote focused on Ethernet rather than InfiniBand, as the former is a better fit in the ecosystem messaging. Source: NVIDIA The datacenter section of Jensen's talk largely reminded the audience of what Nvidia announced at GTC in March. The Blackwell GPU, now in production, introduces NVLink5, which operates at 200Gbps per lane. It includes 18 NVLink ports with two lanes each, or 36x200Gbps serdes. The new NVLink