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Optics Grab Attention at Hot Chips 2023

August marked the in-person return of the   Hot Chips   conference at Stanford University in California, and the sold-out 35th edition included plenty of deep technical content. AI/ML garnered lots of attention and optical interconnects were featured in both chip- and system-level AI and HPC talks.   NVIDIA’s   chief scientist, Bill Dally, keynoted Day 2 with a talk reviewing how accelerators achieved a 1,000x performance increase over the last 10 years. His big-picture view provided excellent context for AI-system design, but networking received only an honorable mention this year. Instead, Dally discussed future directions for accelerated compute. Following the keynote, an  ML-Training  session presented talks from Google and Cerebras. The technical lead for TPUs at  Google , Norm Jouppi made it clear he could only discuss the n-1 generation, meaning TPUv4. Meanwhile, Google revealed the TPUv5e at its own Google Cloud Next event the same day but provided only high-level specification