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Preview: Hot Chips Returns to Stanford for HC35

I will be at Stanford at the end of this month for the in-person return of Hot Chips . As always, the 35th edition (HC35) will have plenty of deep technical content, with AI/ML unsurprisingly getting lots of attention. I'm particularly interested in a set of talks exploring interconnects and networking for AI, HPC, and beyond. Day 2 (Tuesday, August 29) features an ML-Training session with talks from Google and Cerebras. The technical lead for TPUs at Google , Norm Jouppi will expand on the paper presented at ISCA 2023 describing the TPUv4 supercomputer. That paper revealed Google's use of optical circuit switches in its TPUv4 cluster, following prior disclosures around OCS deployments in its data-center spine layer. Sean Li, cofounder and chief hardware architect at Cerebras , will deliver a talk on the company's cluster architecture built around the CS-2 system and WSE-2 wafer-scale engine. This talk will explore how the MemoryX external-memory system and SwarmX fabric i